Connecting patients and doctors in 5 minutes or less.

What is iVisitMD

iVisitMD™ is a physician founded and physician led patient engagement company. Our goal is to provide immediate access to medical care by connecting patients with medical professional in 5 minutes or less.

Building on the Cleveland Clinic’s model of the 3A’s for Patient Care Excellence (Available, Able, Affable), iVisitMD™ believes the future of health care in America lies with 5A’s:






The vital need for accessible and affordable care for all has never been greater. iVisitMD™ gives immediate access to medical care when needed most. By answering our Symptom Checker, a 5 minute multiple choice questionnaire, patients are taking the first step toward making their own health care decisions. Symptom Checker provides rapid feedback about whether their symptoms are suggestive of a medical emergency or require prompt attention from a licensed medical practitioner in a non-emergency setting. GPS guided location helps to find available medical locations based on the zip code. A remote telemedicine option is also available.

How It Works

iVisitMD™ provides access to direct personalized consumer-centered health care. The Symptom Checker questionnaire rapidly guides patients into appropriate medical setting by zip code. Patients are offered emergency department, urgent care, and physician office with live phone consult options. Patients are actively engaged in their care, and empowered to participate in shared decision making. Medical providers benefit from seeing new patients with whom they may develop lasting relationships. Insurance companies, as well as hospitals and health care systems save on potentially unnecessary and costly emergency room care, and coordinate care. The rapid guidance and live consultative feature enables immediacy of access across mutliple medical settings, resulting in higher value healthcare at lower costs. Explore the possibilities by visiting our Patients, Professionals or Become Our Partner pages for more information.