Connecting patients and doctors in 5 minutes or less.

iVisitMD™ is a physician-founded and physician-led company that connects patients with medical professionals in 5 minutes or less. Our web-based and mobile patient engagement tools allow patients unprecedented access to a variety of health care settings. Our goal is to empower and transform the way healthcare is delivered by providing 24/7 interactive experience. There are four different ways a patient may interact with the iVisitMD™:

  • Use "Find Medical Help Now! NO SIGN IN REQUIRED" to identify medical settings that are available to provide live consultative help based on proximity to patient's zip code and address;
  • Use iVisitMD911™ ACUTE SYMPTOMS CHECK , and check availability of live help in a variety of medical settings, such as emergency department, urgent care centers, physicians' offices close to home or work.
  • Use iVisitMD Connect™ to choose a live consultation among premium medical professional subscribers based on zip code, address and specialty.

iVisitMD911™ is a proprietary ACUTE SYMPTOMS CHECK algorithm based on medical evidence, guidelines, and clinical experience. It allows patients to rapidly assess if their symptoms are worrisome for medical emergency, or require prompt attention from a licensed medical practitioner outside of the emergency department setting. Patients are offered a variety of healthcare settings, such as emergency department, urgent care centers, and physicians' offices. Live help is available at multiple locations in proximity to patient's place of home or work. The advice is for guidance only. Please, refer to the Terms of Use policy for complete details.

iVisitMD Connect™ allows patients to EXPLORE AND CONNECT with premium medical professional subscribers based on zip code, specialty, practice philosophy or social networking preferences.

Patients answer 5 multiple choice questions. The most worrisome answers, possibly suggestive of an emergency, are displayed in red, less worrisome answers are in yellow, and the least worrisome are in green. For higher risk patients, non-binding recommendations may include referral to the emergency medical services or the emergency department.

Patients with the least worrisome responses are directed to see non-emergency care practitioners in the office or urgent care centers using GPS-guided location search, or provided with telemedicine providers choices. Professionals practicing close by patient's home or workplace provide excellent, expedient and affordable care. Patients save on out-of-pocket health care cost, unneeded testing, or unnecessary trips to the emergency rooms.

Currently, iVisitMD™ provides rapid assessment of chest pain and palpitations. Evaluation of other acute complaints is in development.

This feature allows medical professionals to schedule time for walk-in visits. Patients get immediate access to medical professionals who are credentialed, licensed and available within close geographic proximity to evaluate urgent symptoms competently and expeditiously. These practitioners are the virtual "doctors on call". They are available by phone immediately, and to perform evaluation in person in a matter of 1-2 hours. They provide medical care at their own offices or facilities associated with other care settings (such as urgent care centers) in a face-to-face encounter. The telemedicine providers render services over video interface and are available locally. The phone calls are 'safety checks' and do not result in diagnosis or treatment.

The use of the ACUTE SYMPTOMS CHECK is entirely FREE. The physician office phone calls require $40 fee which allows selecting up to 2 medical offices within 2 hours for a walk-in visit. The fee is not charged or shared with a physician. The phone calls are safety checks, intended for patients to speak briefly with a physician to make sure that their symptoms are appropriate for a walk-in office visit. The fees for telemedicine providers are variable. Please, refer to the Terms of Use policy for further information.

The iVisitMD™ may be considered a telemedicine service using a broad definition of telemedicine as any electronic communication technology with an intent to provide health care. Unlike telemedicine providers, we do not provide video consultations, diagnosis and treatment, prescriptions orders or refills, devices or services for chronic conditions, electronic medical records, determination or authorization of insurance coverage, or non-urgent appointment scheduling. We provide access to participating medical professionals who render medical care in accordance with existing rules and regulations and standards of practice. Our goal is to increase patients' access to medical practitioners in their community and beyond.

The professionals may participate under the basic and premium accounts. Basic accounts are FREE and allow geographic listing while premium accounts are paid subscriptions that allow enhanced practice or practitioner profile and preferential web site listing placement as well as social networking. Please, refer to the Terms of Use for more details. The live consultative encounters are governed by the existing medical practice regulations enforceable through state laws. Medical professionals can also refer their patients to other physicians available through the iVisitMD™ for a second opinion.

The health information is protected in accordance with the HIPPA (September 2013) omnibus rule as outlined in the Privacy Policy. A unique identifier code is generated for each patient Symptom Checker. A copy of the Symptom Checker is delivered to a medical practitioner unless a patient opts-out of the disclosure for future encounters by submitting a request to 'Contact Us' in writing.

The feedback is requested from all of the patients as well as the medical practitioners, and is posted on the site. Only completed visits are reviewed. The monitoring system is in place for the medical practitioners as detailed in the Terms of Use. The red star denotes those practitioners that achieved the highest percent of 5-star ratings over the previous 30 day period

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Premium Features

For patients, registration information enables geographic search for medical professionals close to home or work. The information is encrypted and de-identified by using unique code identifier for each patient. For professionals, National Provider Identifier (NPI) is collected and used to verify practice active address in publicly available records. Please, refer to Terms of Use for more information.