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Patient Engagement Tools

iVisitMD™ is a patient engagement company that connects patients with medical professionals for immediate access to excellent and affordable health care. Health care is a complex and important part of our lives. There are plentiful opportunities in telemedicine and mobile health to improve on patient care, doctor-patient relationship, and to empower and transform patient health and care experiences! The health care and patient leaders of tomorrow will have a vision to create innovative tools and approaches using advances in technology. If you have a new, fresh idea that may be the next game changer, iVisitMD™ can make it happen. Contact Us today at

For Hospitals and Health Systems

iVisitMD™ successfully redirects at least 20% of non-injury, non-emergent patients to physicians in ambulatory practices, urgent care centers, and clinics located in close proximity to patients seeking care. Following use of our ACUTE SYMPTOMS CHECK , an algorithm based on medical evidence and guidelines, patients who are redirected may speak with a medical practitioner via phone call and be seen within the next few hours, or head to urgent care or ambulatory center. Scheduling is flexible and is under the control of the hospital or health care system.

Your hospital or health care system can greatly benefit from participation in the service:

  • Include all of your physicians or physicians from specific departments as medical providers on the service
  • Coordinate patient referrals as needed within your system
  • Reduce preventable emergency department visits
  • Redirect emergency department 'super-utilizers'
  • Reduce preventable re-admissions
  • Integrate the platform into population health management protocols for your Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
  • Transition with more confidence from fee-for-service to value-based purchasing
  • Highlight your professionals and experts as authors of resource information on iVisitMD™
  • Achieve brand recognition as a patient engagement leader and early adopter of personalized consumer-centered healthcare
  • Build patient loyalty and good will, and garner favorable patient satisfaction reviews
  • Meet Meaningful Use requirements for patient engagement

Contact Us at today, and learn how this easy to implement, low-cost solution can harness the power of the web-based tools to transform health care you deliver!

For Medical Insurance Companies

As insurance providers, your goal is to ensure quality care at reasonable cost. Patients with acute and non-emergency symptoms gain real-time access to various medical settings through iVisitMD™. ACUTE SYMPTOMS CHECK advises if the medical symptoms experienced are best served by a visit to the emergency department, or if alternate level of care is available. Additionally, both VIDEO VISITS and EXPLORE AND CONNECT allow expeditious care for non-emergencies.

Redirecting patients to a physician in your network, or a visit with in-network urgent care centers or ambulatory facilities will provide individuals with affordable quality care and enable to form long-lasting doctor-patient relationship.

Participating in iVisitMD™ and offering it as a service to your enrollees will:

  • Reduce emergency department visits
  • Reduce re-admissions to the hospital
  • Reduce cost
  • Result in cost-efficient quality care
  • Connect patients to in-network doctors locally

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